Eligibility Facts

VetLoan Advantage

BLP offers reduced processing fees for companies that are 51% or more owned by a military Veteran. As you review your next loan prospect be sure to keep our VetLoan Advantage Program in mind.

  • Loans less than $1.5MM: 0.5% of the processing fee is waived (up to $7,500 savings)
  • Loans more than 1.5MM: 0.25% of the processing free is waived (up to $12,500 savings)

25 Year Debenture Is Here!

SBA is accpeting applications for 25 year debentures (loans approved prior to April 2nd are not eligible for the longer term).

Highlights include:

  • Third Party Loans for 25 year Debentures must have a minimum term of ten years.
  • Prepayment Premium will still only apply during the first 10 years.
  • Loans will be sold monthly with the first sale being July 2018.

SBA 504 can also accommodate 10 and 20 year debentures.

Go Green and Save Big!

Small businesses looking to grow and expand their operations through the purchase or construction of commercial real estate and “go green” can qualify for as much as $5.5 million SBA 504 financing (up to 40% of total project costs) under the Energy Public Policy Goal, offered through Business Lending Partners. There is no limit on the number of SBA 504 green projects allowed to each borrower, unlike the “regular” SBA loan whose maximum eligibility limits is $5 million per borrower and all of its affiliates including all 7 (a) and 504 loans. This means businesses that previously reached their SBA maximum limits have the ability to receive additional loans under the SBA’s Energy Public Policy Goals

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SBA 504

April 2018

20-Year Fixed Rate:


10-Year Fixed Rate: